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Supports Healthy Senescence.
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Brand: Restorative Formulations

Product Code: senolytic-px-RTF

Servings per Container: 3

Quantity per Container: 15 Veg Capsules

Senolytic Px Senolytic Px targets healthy senescent cell function, supports healthy apoptosis, within normal range, and the clearing out of damaged senescent cells from the neurological system. As the aging immune system becomes less efficient, senescent cells accumulate and taint healthy cells contributing to aging. This formula is also an excellent addition for seniors challenged with frailty, age-related decline of metabolic and neurological functions and the aging immune system. It supports healthy neuronal cells, cognitive function, and mitochondrial function, within normal range, during the senior years.

  • Supports healthy nerve growth factor (within normal range), optimal brain cell health, cognitive function, and emotional wellness during the senior years reducing age related stress.
  • Promotes optimal mitochondrial function, neuronal cellular energy production and healthy circulation.
  • Targets healthy senescent cell function and boosts the clearing out of damaged senescent cells from the neurological system.
  • Supports senescence cell health and function
  • Contains the novel flavonoid antioxidant, Fisetin blended with Quercetin
  • Helps maintain healthy neuronal function during aging
  • Natural support for brain health and focus
  • Organic Black Pepper and Fenugreek increase bioavailability of active plant compounds
  • Gluten-free
  • Manufactured in a certified GMP facility

Fisetin helps maintain healthy mitochondrial function in the presence of oxidative stress additionally preserving glutathione supply and supporting healthy cellular metabolism. It demonstrates a significant level of nerve and brain neuro protection along with boosting memory and healthy nerve cell growth, within normal range.

Fenugreek Seed has neuroprotective activity, positive effects on lipid and glucose metabolic function, as well as a modulatory effect on cognitive functions and mood states. Fenugreek contains galactomannans, compounds which act to boost the bioavailability of fisetin.

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