Scar Control

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Advanced Scar Medicine

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Brand: Forces Of Nature

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Forces of Nature Scar Control is a topical organic formula that may help reduce new and old scars and keloids from surgery or accidents, whilst promoting healthy, balanced skin.

This formula may help:

  • Reduce scar tissue and discoloration of surrounding skin
  • Enhance elasticity of skin tissue
  • Support healthy and balanced skin tone
  • Penetrate deep into skin tissue

Scar Formation:

  • Scars are formed when fibrous skin replaces normal skin following an injury, such as acne, wounds, surgery, or burns.
  • After skin has been damaged, skin cells multiply to replace the old skin. These new skin cells are made of collagen, which is itself made of fibers to strengthen the layer of skin below the surface.
  • For injured skin, this collagen is thicker, which is what causes the scarring. And the level of scarring depends upon the depth, size and location of the injury, as well as your age, heredity, and even skin color.

Scar Types:

  • Contracture Scars - where the skin heals the wound by contracting, causing a pulled taught appearance, such as with burn injuries
  • Hypertrophic Scars - redder in appearance and usually slightly raised and thickened
  • Keloid Scars - where excess collagen spreads beyond the wound site, as can happen following surgery
  • Recessed scars - or scars that are recessed or crater shaped, like what happens with severe acne scars

Scar control may help by dissolving scar tissue.

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