Red Yeast Rice + Co-Q10

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Supports Cardiovascular Health

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Brand: Jarrow Formulas

Product Code: red-yeast-rice-co-q10-JRF

Servings per Container: 60

Quantity per Container: 120 Veg Capsules

Red Yeast Rice Highlights:

  • Complementary Red Yeast Rice + Co-Q10 Formula
  • 100 mg Co-Q10 Per Serving
  • Carefully fermented to avoid the presence of citrinin, a naturally occurring mycotoxin.

Red Yeast Rice – Rice that has been fermented by the yeast Monascus purpureus has been used in Asia for centuries as a food preservative, food colorant and flavoring, as well as in traditional herbal formulas. It is part of the diet in China, Japan, and Asian communities in the United States.

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9/28/2012 12:00:00 am

Great product!

by healthy in CC -

ThIs product is terrific for women who struggle with high triglycerides.. a form of cholestrol that can get to dangerous levels @ midlife age. One 600 mg tab with each meal brought my levels from 457 (Yikes) to the bottom edge of normal in 2 weeks. The added Coq10 is great too since it replaces that needed factor at the same time. I have taken this for several years now with no side effects. Even the price is rightt!!

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12/10/2012 11:00:00 pm

A great product

by Boo -

This product is better than the COQ-10 because of the added benefit of red yeast rice. Thank you for giving me the option!

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5/30/2018 12:00:00 am


by Kanyak

Love this company!

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10/13/2019 12:00:00 am

I always take red yeast rice...

by Penelope -

Good price and usually on sale. It really lowers triglycerides and recommended by my cardiologist.

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10/27/2021 11:19:12 am


by CUS10814619 Guest Shopper -

Is the red yeast Jarrow with co Q10 out of stock.

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11/4/2021 6:53:00 pm

CHO and Triglycerides Down

by Anonymous

The hardest part of using any capsule is swallowing them and not having them float back up! The best benefit is that the Red Yeast Rice with Co-Q10 and an additional supplement have lowered my cholesterol LDL and Triglycerides significantly that my Doctor and Naturopathic Dr were extremely happy. I am glad I don't have to be put on statins.

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12/4/2021 5:28:00 pm

Jarrow Red Yeast Rice w/ Co-Q10

by Anonymous

After 6 months of taking this product per my physician's instructions, my cholesterol count declined to nearly normal values. Recently I'd been unable to find the Jarrow brand locally and was pleased you had it in stock so I don't miss a dose.

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3/11/2022 1:06:00 am

Cholesterol buster

by Nancy Cullen

This has taken my cholesterol below 200

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3/29/2022 6:24:00 pm

It works. My doctor and I are both happy with the results.

by Judith Krakowiak

Nothing negative to say about this product.

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9/26/2022 2:51:00 pm


by Jason

I did a lot of research into this beforehand. Been taking it every day for a handful of years now. After my first full year, my overall cholesterol went down 19 percent. I did not make any other significant changes during that time. I have not experienced any noticeable side effects.

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12/6/2023 6:36 am

Jarrow's Red Yeast Rice

by Nancy

I have had success with Jarrow's products in the past and need to lower my cholesterol without taking prescription meds. Time will tell.

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2/15/2024 11:20 am

Great natural alternative to statin drugs

by CTL -

My husband had been taking a statin for almost 10 years. I learned they can cause muscle deterioration as well as muscle pain. Just not great for a body in general. We switched him to this product and muscle pain has subsided. His lab work is normal. Jarrow formulas are non-GMO verified and free of top allergens - wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, etc. Fermented to avoid presence of citrinin, a naturally occuring mycotoxin. Will continue to use this product. Very happy with it! He takes 1 capsule twice daily.

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