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For temporary relief of symptoms related to dairy and milk products, mood swings, painful menses, nervousness, hot flashes, headache, and back and leg pain.

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Brand: DesBio

Product Code: progesterone-DB

Quantity per Container: 1 Oz

As women, many aspects of our lives are controlled by hormones - but that doesn't mean we have to let hormones rule our lives. Get all-natural support for a variety of hormone-related symptoms with Progesterone from DesBio.

Progesterone is a homeopathic product containing progesterone in a range of potencies to help support the temporary relief of a variety of hormone-related symptoms, including mood swings, painful menses, nervousness, hot flashes, headache, breast tenderness and pain, back pain and leg pain. It may also provide support for minor symptoms related to allergic reactions to dairy and milk products.

Progesterone is one of the key female reproductive hormones influencing a woman's health and reproductive cycle. Fluctuations in the level of this hormone in the body are not only responsible for the cyclical nature of the reproductive system, but also for many of the uncomfortable and bothersome symptoms experienced throughout a woman's cycle.

By supplying the body with minute concentrations of progesterone, the body's natural hormonal responses may be supported, helping your body more easily maintain balance during challenging times of the month.

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