PRO-15 The Perfect Probiotic 5 Billion CFU

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Pearls 60

The Perfect Probiotic
SKU: pro-15-perfect-probiotic-5-billion-cfu-HBS

Product Details

Brand: Hyperbiotics

Product Code: pro-15-perfect-probiotic-5-billion-cfu-HBS

Servings per Container: 60

Quantity per Container: 60 Pearls

Pro-15 Probiotic For Women and Men contains 15 Targeted Probiotic Strains plus Prebiotic to help support your gut, digestive, and immune health.

PRO-15 helps create a microenvironment inside your digestive system that encourages nutrient absorption and may help you feel like your happy, energetic, and vibrant self.

Unlike most probiotics, Hyperbiotics PRO-15 includes a patented time release delivery, meaning the beneficial bacteria are released at consistent levels throughout your Gl tract (versus all at once in your upper stomach). This delayed release can help reduce digestive upset.
  • Formulated for men and women
  • Time release capsules for optimal survivability
  • 5 billion CFUs
  • 15 strains of beneficial gut bacteria
  • 15 times more survivability
  • Long shelf life and no refrigeration necessary.
  • Easy to swallow
  • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Lactose-Free, Vegetarian

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