Phyto B Complex

by Energetix
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Capsules 60

Rhodiola Rosea Extract and Bioavailable Multi-B Vitamins

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Brand: Energetix

Product Code: phyto-b-complex-EGX

Servings per Container: 60

Quantity per Container: 60 Capsules

Phyto B Complex by Energetix contains biologically-active B vitamins plus Rhodiola Rosea Extract designed for those dealing with stress and fatigue.

If stress and fatigue is part of your daily life, Phyto B Complex by Energetix was designed to help. Phyto B is a new and unique formula containing biologically-active B vitamins synergistically combined with Rhodiola Rosea Extract. These are essential nutrients to ensure the body can utilize the nutrients it receives and cope with physical and emotional stressors.

  • Specifically designed for anyone that deals with stress or fatigue
  • Contains bioavailable B vitamins along with Rhodiola Rosea Extract.
  • Support for energy production; fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism; and nerve and brain health.
  • The nervous system also benefits by means of helping the body produce hormones and substances that can regulate the nerves.
  • As a bonus, these vitamins may also help promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Studies of rhodiola rosea extract suggest great benefits to both the nervous and endocrine systems; in turn, it has also been known to support elevating mood, alleviating depression, and increasing energy. The vitamins in Phyto B Complex are in a "biologically active" form that may make them more easily absorbed and utilized.

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