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Traditional Chinese Medicine: Heat and Liver Fire

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Soothing formula for Heart Yin vacuity insomnia. This condition is often accompanied by other stress-related symptoms such as restlessness and mental exhaustion. An Mien Wan, also known as "Peaceful Sleep Tablets", are used to calm the spirit and to quiet the mind. An Mien Wan is the completely opposite of western pharmaceutical sleep aids. It does not create a drowsy or drunk feeling in the morning, nor does it have a laundry list of major side effects. An Mien Wan consist of only natural herbal ingredients which act in harmony to relax the mind and body.

Several physicians believe that anxiety, frustration, emotional upset, stress, fatigue, and mental restlessness can exacerbate and set off a range of medical difficulties. Relaxing the body and receiving a good peaceful night's sleep is restorative to the body and can be necessary to boost overall immunity. An Mien Wan helps your mind overcome occasional feelings of stress or insomnia and allows your body to get the rest it deserves. When it comes to daylight savings time, sleep sometimes becomes a huge issue where it might not have been before as the change in light throws our circadian rhythms into a frenzy.

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