Parasites/Amoeba/Protozoan Nosode Combination

by Professional Formulas
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Oz 1

Assists with desensitizing to and detoxifying from the presence of amoeba and protozoa.

SKU: parasites-amoeba-protozoan-nosode-combination-PCHF

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Brand: Professional Formulas

Product Code: parasites-amoeba-protozoan-nosode-combination-PCHF

Quantity per Container: 1 Oz

Like our nosode formulas, our specialty nosode combinations include homeopathic attenuations of various pathological or causative agents. The specialty nosodes are unique in that each formula includes a group of similar or related pathological agents accompanied by synergistic homeopathic ingredients that specifically support the actions of the formula. Among their other benefits, these synergistic ingredients assist with drainage and/or strengthening of the immune system.

Specialty nosode combinations are in a base of 40% alcohol and purified water.

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