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A Synergistic Blend of Fibers

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Product Code: paleofiber-DFH-unflv-a-unswt

Quantity per Container: 10.6 Oz

Looking for a paleo-friendly fiber supplement that's free of unhealthy sugars? Boost the fiber content of all your meals with Unflavored and Unsweetened PaleoFiber.

With its focus on avoiding refined, processed foods, trans fats and sugar, and getting back to our ancestral dietary roots, the paleo diet has taken the nutrition world by storm. And with more people getting on board, more paleo-friendly options are becoming available.

PaleoFiber includes healthy natural fibers like those found in fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds and tree extracts - not carbohydrate-loaded grains. These healthy sources of fiber not only aid digestive health, but may also be beneficial for maintaining healthy glucose and lipid levels as well as weight.

PaleoFiber also includes the beneficial, digestive-supporting bacteria from lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacteria longum.

This paleo-friendly powder is not only free of allergenic proteins or irritating ingredients, but is unflavored and unsweetened for no added sugar. Add it to liquids and shakes or even soups, yogurt and more.

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by Jo Healty person -

Works well without the bloating