Novequin DPF Digestive Probiotic Formula

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Digestive Probiotic Formula

SKU: novequin-dpf-digestive-probiotic-formula-AAM-1000-grs

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Product Code: novequin-dpf-digestive-probiotic-formula-AAM-1000-grs

Quantity per Container: 1000 Grams

Arthur Andrew Medical Novequin DPF (Digestive Probiotic Formula) is a clinically effective blend of probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes for horses, cattle, livestock and grazing animals. Synbiotics are a mixture of PRO and PRE biotics that facilitate healthy intestinal balance. When enzyme levels are low, feed can remain undigested in the intestine, causing temporary gas and discomfort. Novequin contains enzymes specially developed to digest every component contained in an animals food.

Novequin may also facilitate the digestion of larger meals, so that the digestive system does not become over-stressed. This formula also contains naturally occurring intestinal Probiotics to support immune health and to recolonize natural digestive balance after the use of antibiotics. Optimal digestion can improve lean body mass, subdue occasional discomfort, reduce shedding and promote a sleek, glowing coat.

  • Better digestion after worming and antibiotic use
  • Stress reduction from travel and boarding
  • Improved overall digestive health
  • Relief from colic, founder, laminitis
  • Improved muscle, hoof and coat quality
  • Appetite enhancement
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Non-GMO, Vegan, GRAS Certified
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