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The Standard Process Microbiome Test Kit, powered by BIOHM®, is used to assess gut microbial diversity and provide guidance towards a healthier lifestyle. A diverse and robust microbiome may help support digestive health, brain health, and overall health.THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SOLD TO CUSTOMERS IN NEW YORK

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Brand: Standard Process

Product Code: microbiome-test-kit-SP

Quantity per Container: 1 Kit

What is microbiome testing? Microbiome testing uses Next Generation Genetic Sequencing and bioinformatic analysis to compare your microbiome with that of a normal/healthy individual. This will reveal the composition, balance and levels of bacteria as well as fungi residing in the gut from a stool sample.

Who should order a Microbiome Test? If you experience any of the following: frequent indigestion, bloating or gut discomfort, chronic stress, ongoing inflammation, chronic allergies, poor quality sleep, brain fog, mood issues or imbalances, or if you have taken antibiotics or certain medications, such as proton pump inhibitors, beta-blockers or antidepressants. Any of these factors can interfere with a healthy gut microbiome, and when the gut becomes imbalanced, it has an enormous effect on your immune system and overall quality of life.

The Standard Process Microbiome Test is simple to complete:

  • 1. Order Kit
  • 2. Receive by mail in 3 – 7 business days
  • 3. Register kit and select practitioner (Halderson, Angela)
  • 4. Fill out lifestyle questionnaire
  • 5. Collect sample and ship it with prepaid shipping label
  • 6. Receive results via link
  • 7. Discuss results with practitioner (30 minute consultation included)

As part of the test, you and your healthcare practitioner will receive a comprehensive and personalized Gut Report outlining your:

  • Microbiome diversity
  • Phyla balance
  • Presence of beneficial species
  • Presence of pathogenic species

In addition to microbiome analysis, you will receive separate individualized recommendations based on test results. It will enable you and your healthcare practitioner to:

  • Measure. Taking supplements and modifying diet and lifestyle does not guarantee a balanced microbiome – it must be measured.
  • Modify. With results and insights from the Gut Report, you will have the tools to personalize supplement choices, as well as diet and lifestyle modifications.
  • Monitor. Track how dietary, lifestyle, and supplement changes affect the Gut Score™.

Results of the test are confidential and HIPAA compliant. Sample processing typically takes 4 – 6 weeks from the time the sample is received at the lab.

Why has Standard Process partnered with BIOHM to create a gut microbiome test?

  • BIOHM has completed thousands of consumer gut microbiome tests,
  • Recognized expertise in bacterial and fungal interactions,
  • Uses the 16S and ITS rRNA sequencing for microbiome analysis - the gold standard for bacterial and fungal sequencing,
  • Validated and standardized testing methods used in 100+ research studies, and
  • Easy-to-understand report based on well-established research.

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