Metab Energy Endocrine System Support Xenobiotic Drops

by Professional Formulas
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Oz 2

Homeopathic support to help balance energy and endocrine systems including amino acid, electrolyte, and intermediary metabolism.

SKU: metab-energy-endocrine-system-support-xenobiotic-drops-PCHF

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Brand: Professional Formulas

Product Code: metab-energy-endocrine-system-support-xenobiotic-drops-PCHF

Quantity per Container: 2 Oz

A xenobiotic is a man-made or other abnormal material that is foreign to the body. xenobiotic remedies, which are sometimes called isodes or detoxodes, are homeopathic attenuations of these foreign botanical, zoological, or chemical substances that interfere with homoeostasis. Professional Complementary Health Formula’s xenobiotics are designed to assist with body detoxification of the toxic load resulting from exposure to and assimilation of today’s environment. a ccordingly, each xenobiotic provides an array of isodes and other attenuated agents along with classical and non-classical remedies relevant to the intoxication or infection targeted by the product. potencies of individual agents range from very low (2 x ) to very high (1,000 x ) as appropriate for desired action of the formula.

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