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Comprehensive Memory Support Formula

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Memory Pro is a multi-faceted memory support formula combining ingredients to promote healthy acetylcholine levels, neuron cell function, cerebral vascular blood flow, and antioxidant protection.

This formula combines acetyl-l-carnitine, phospholipids and herbal extracts to promote neuronal cell health and cognitive function. Acetyl-l-carnitine serves as an acetyl donor to support healthy levels of acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter in the brain. Carnitine, provided in the form of acetyl-l-carnitine, is the main transporter of fatty acids into the mitochondria, encouraging energy production in the brain. Phosphatidylserine is an important cell membrane component critical for neuronal cell function and communication.

Ginkgo biloba and vinpocetine promote cerebral blood flow, vascular integrity and healthy red blood cell and platelet function in the brain. Curcumin, resveratrol and lemon balm extracts help to protect neurons from oxidative stress. Additionally, curcuminoids and resveratrol help maintain healthy vascular tissue in the brain by enhancing phagocytosis and proteosome activity.

The Ayurvedic herb Bacopa monniera promotes memory as well as mental function and information processing. The soothing properties of lemon balm promote relaxation and cognitive function in elderly individuals.

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