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The only Non -GMO liquid melatonin I have ever found


This product is great! Good tasting, alcohol free easy to take liquid. It is super effective after 30-40 mins taking it I start to feel super sleepy. My naturopath recommended it to regulate my stomach acid and get rid of GERD and so far so good.

I like it!

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This works fast and is gentle. Since it is a liquid, you can experiment what amount works best for you. Tastes great.

A Good night's Sleep When I Need It

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My doctor recommended it to cure my ""bad habit"" of staying up late at night. I get over stimulated in the evenings but have to rise early for work. It worked! An hour after taking it, I want to go to bed. I sleep the night through and awaken bright eyed and bushy tailed. I use it daily and can still enjoy my evenings and stay up late on the weekends. I just take it an hour before I WANT to go to sleep. And I like the taste!

Only Melatonin that worked for us


My husband has been suffering from severe insomnia and racing thoughts at night and his Naturopath recommended this Product. It has helped a lot and he wakes up refreshed. I also use it for occasional insomnia and helps me sleep thru all the night. After trying lots of Melatonin on tablet or capsule form that do not work, this one is the Holy Grail.