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Daily Immune Support

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Brand: Microbiome Labs

Product Code: megamune-MCBL

Servings per Container: 30

Quantity per Container: 90 Capsules

MegaMune is a triple action formula that can help maintain a healthy immune response for any time of year. It contains EpiCor, echinacea, broccoli seed extract, zinc, selenium, and polyphenols from green tea, pomegranates, and cranberries to support immune health.

  • Support for maintaining a healthy immune response
  • Antioxidant support
  • Support for healthy gut microbiome

This daily supplement supports the immune system with some of its most basic, yet vital, functions like immune surveillance, and other aspects of a healthy immune response. Plus, MegaMune ingredients have antioxidant properties and help diversify the gut microbiome - otherwise known as the master control center of overall human health.

The immune system operates with two arms: the innate and adaptive branches.

  • The innate immune response is rapid and can occur within 4 hours of immune activation. However, innate immune reactions are not very specific and can affect our own tissue in the body! MegaMune is formulated with immune soothing ingredients to help maintain a healthy immune response.
  • The adaptive immune response, on the other hand, is slower to respond. However, when it is activated, it is extremely precise and thus much gentler on host tissues. MegaMune supports the adaptive immune response by promoting T-helper cell production, such as CD4+ and CD8+ cells.

The key to maintaining a healthy immune response is dictated by the gut microbiome which helps balance both adaptive and innate immunity. In fact, the gut is home to about 70% of immune cells and acts as the mother board of the entire immune system. The combination of green tea extract and fruit polyphenols were added to MegaMune in order to enhance microbial diversity within the powerful gut microbiome.

MegaMune provides robust immune support that targets the immune system both on the cellular level and within the microbiome to provide a solid immune foundation. Take MegaMune any time of the year to keep your body vibrant and strong no matter what the outside world throws at you!

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