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Rice protein, pea protein, and accessory nutrients to support liver detoxification.

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Brand: Thorne Research

Product Code: mediclear-THR

Servings per Container: 21

Quantity per Container: 30.5 Oz

MediClear® Powder from Thorne Research is a rice and pea-protein powder enriched with key detoxification and liver-support vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. May help support Phase I and II liver detoxification & weight-management as part of a balanced, healthy eating plan.

The modern world bombards us with toxins. This can place a heavy burden on the liver and other detoxification and elimination organs, leading to fatigue, weight gain and other uncomfortable symptoms, as well as more serious conditions. Fortunately, supporting the liver and the body's natural detoxification processes can be simple and can go a long way towards maintaining and supporting good health.

This supplement includes the following as part of its synergistic nutrient-blend to help support normal detoxification:

  • Rice and pea protein - low-allergenic proteins help support normal blood-sugar balance and supply essential amino acids
  • Quercetin, Green Tea Extract - potent botanical antioxidants that may assist detoxification. Quercetin may help support fat metabolism.
  • Glutathione - the body's "master antioxidant", helps regulate all other antioxidants, crucial for normal detoxification and immune system function
  • MSM - methylsulfonylmethane, a sulfur-based amino acid with antioxidant, detoxifying properties. Helps support glutathione function.
  • Highly bioactive and absorbable vitamins and minerals - including L-5-MTHF (active folate), active B12, active B6, calcium and magnesium citrate-malate and UltraChrome chromium
  • Bacillus coagulans - probiotic to support healthy gut flora
  • Contains NO: wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, soy, egg, dairy products, or artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, lactose, palmitic acid, magnesium stearate, or stearic acid.

Use as a dietary protein and nutrient supplement to help support liver health, detoxification and weight-management (as part of a sensible, healthy eating plan or detoxification program). Natural vanilla orange flavor, sweetened only with natural pure cane molasses and Lo han fruit extract.

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9/30/2012 12:00:00 am

Great Product

by Maria

My Naturopath recommended MediClear Powder. My husband and I each have a shake blended with fruit every morning. He loves it and I don't have to nag him to drink it. It tastes the same as many of the protein drinks I've taken over the years, a little fruit makes it taste better but I usually just drink it plain. The drink will keep me from being hungry for several hours. The added health benefits of detox, probiotic,and nutrients reduce the need for additional products.

Not medical or professional advice

4/11/2013 12:00:00 am


by Barb -

I use it in a smoothie with almond milk and some honey and fruit. The negative is the chalking texture. My daughter was home recently visiting and I thought she could use an immune booster. She preferred to mixed it with water and chug it. She was impressed with all the ingredients. MediClear was recommended by my naturopath doctor. I have been using it for at least 2 - 3 years after being diagnosed with lyme disease and a very compromised adrenal and immune system. It has helped tremendously along with an altered diet. Thanks

Not medical or professional advice