Lymph-Tone III

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For Muscle and Joint Discomfort, Low Vitality, Disrupted Sleep, Disturbed Digestion

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Brand: Energetix

Product Code: lymph-tone-iii-EGX

Quantity per Container: 2 Oz

Lymph-Tone III is designed to assist the body with homeopathic drainage for compensatory conditions. To be utilized with all healing strategies where compensatory and degenerating toxic burden is indicated.

One of the pathways the body uses to eliminate toxins is the lymphatic system. When was the last time you thought about your lymphatic system? You probably recall swollen glands at the onset of a cold or the flu. What you may not have realized is that the lymphatic system is a network of vessels that runs from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. This amazing system works like a trash collector by using over 600 collection sites called “nodes” to collect and destroy harmful toxic materials. An important point to remember about the lymphatic system is that it doesn’t have its own pump and requires movement, exercise and adequate water intake to keep the lymphatic fluid flowing so it can remove toxins efficiently. Lymph-Tone III is a homeopathic drainage remedy designed with a blend of ingredients to work deep within the cells to target long-standing or chronic toxic congestion. Examples of long-standing toxins could include pesticides, viruses or heavy metals. For more acute or moderately chronic toxins, Lymph-Tone I or Lymph-Tone II may be recommended.

Lymph-Tone Ill is a homeopathic combination formula for compensatory symptoms such as exhaustion; weakness; apathy; disrupted sleep; difficult respiration; irregular pulse; sunken eyes; low-grade fever; loss of appetite; cutting, abdominal pain; migrating pains; boils; hair loss; dry, scaly, itchy skin; cysts; growths; painful, swollen veins; weak limbs; nerve pain; disrupted digestion.

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2/26/2017 11:00:00 pm

this is a great produckt

by jer

to drain the lymphatic system