Methyl B-Complex Liposomal

by Quicksilver Scientific
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Oz 1.7

Liposomal Methyl B Complex from Quicksilver Scientific delivers B vitamins, Trimethylglycine, and milk thistle extract to support methylation, detoxification, energy metabolism and the liver.

SKU: liposomal-methyl-b-complex-QSS

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Brand: Quicksilver Scientific

Product Code: liposomal-methyl-b-complex-QSS

Servings per Container: 50

Quantity per Container: 1.7 Oz

  • Supports both methylation and detoxification
  • Supports increased energy metabolism
  • Quick acting and easily absorbed
  • Includes nutrients to support the liver

B vitamins are the ultimate multitaskers - all eight of the B's work together to help facilitate critical biochemical reactions throughout your entire body. They can be necessary for energy metabolism, detoxification, immunity, balanced mood, cognitive function and gut health. Providing the metabolically active forms help ensure you will always have a steady supply.

The stresses of modern life, poor diet, digestive disturbances, and medications can deplete your B vitamins. This unique formula emphasizes bioactive molecules including the metabolically active forms of B2, folate, and B12, as well as trimethylglycine (TMG), an active metabolite of choline.

TMG, like B12 and folate, serves a vital role in methylation. The liver's detoxification pathways are also supported by TMG and milk thistle. This unique formula can help support the pivotal processes of methylation and detoxification throughout the day.

Because age, low stomach acid, and genetic variation can impair absorption of B complex vitamins, Dr. Christopher Shade, Ph.D., developed Liposomal Methyl B-Complex, allowing for direct uptake into the bloodstream.

  • Quicksilver Delivery Systems utilizes modern science to unleash the curative power of nature. With the world's most advanced phospholipid delivery systems, Quicksilver Scientific supplements can help to nourish your cells with phosphatidylcholine as they deliver their core effective ingredients faster and more efficiently.

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4/17/2019 12:00:00 am

This is a great supplement..

by Jules

This is an excellent b complex. I actually only take one pump every morning...would highly recommend!