L-Carnitine 500 Mg Liquid Capsules

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Veg Licaps 100

Important Cofactor for Energy Production from Fats

SKU: l-carnitine-500-mg-liquid-caps-JRF-100-veg-licaps

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Product Code: l-carnitine-500-mg-liquid-caps-JRF-100-veg-licaps

Quantity per Container: 100 Veg Licaps

L-Carnitine is an amino acid found in high concentrations in heart and liver tissues where, inside the cells (mitochondria), L-Carnitine helps transform fats into energy (i.e., ATP). L-Carnitine also facilitates the metabolism of carbohydrates to enhance ATP production.

L-Carnitine works synergistically with Co-Q10, an antioxidant and ATP production cofactor that is found in the inner membrane of the mitochondrion.

  • Vegetarian L-Carnitine Liquid Caps
  • Licap Technology: Easy Absorption
  • 500 mg L-Carnitine Per Liquid Capsule
  • Excellent Carnitine Value
  • Clear Bottle with Transparent Caps

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