Intestinal Cleanser No. 9

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Natural fiber supplement that contains psyllium husk for weight loss, for constipation, for colon cleansing and for supporting healthy bowel movements.

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Brand: Sonne's

Product Code: intestinal-cleanser-9-SON

Servings per Container: 40

Quantity per Container: 10 Oz

Sonne's No. 9 Intestinal Cleanser is a natural bulking agent which consists of a finely ground powder of imported psyllium husk and seed. It contains primarily fiber and no laxative or herbal stimulants and can be used on a daily basis to support normal bowel peristalsis.

  • Support for normal bowel movements
  • NO fillers, NO binders, NO flavors, and NO laxatives

In contrast, laxatives and herbal preparations stimulate the peristaltic muscles of the bowel, and, if used regularly create a "dependency" and weaken normal colon function. Psyllium has a hydrophilic (water-loving) action that softens hardened mucous lining the bowel wall, facilitating its elimination.

Psyllium can help achieve a high fiber diet, which is so important in maintaining good bowel health, and is now recognized as supporting the maintenance of healthy cholesterol level already in the normal range.

Dietary fiber is a necessary component of the diet that is glaringly lacking in the typical western diet. Lack of dietary fiber can cause constipation and elevated cholesterol levels. Psyllium is a rich source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. Taking psyllium on a daily basis can supplement the diet with high quality fiber, and support ensuring at least one normal bowel movement every day.

Note: It is important to take plenty of water with any psyllium product. The volume of water needed is one reason why psyllium should not be taken in capsule or tablet form.

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