Hyssop Flower Extract Alcohol-Free

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Used for Cleansing Rituals Since Ancient Times

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Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) is a member of the Laminae mint plant family. They grow wild in many areas of the world including Mediterranean countries and Asia. The plants grow to approximately 60 cm tall with narrow leaves, and distinctive blue flowers in the summer. This plant has been used for centuries in folklore to support relaxation and skin health, especially when used topically.

St Hildegard of Bingen was a Benedictine Nun and master herbalist. She considered Hyssop an extraordinary remedy containing powers that provide happiness. She suggested that Hyssop was a wonderful addition to wine to alleviate melancholy. She also suggested using a strong infusion (tea) made from hyssop as a topical applicant on the skin.

Hyssop is included in many Biblical references, including Exodus 12: 22. Leviticus 14: 4, 6, 51, 52 Numbers 19: 6 I Kings 4: 33. It is the plant that was used to paint the doorways on Passover to keep away the angels of death. Romans believed it was a strong protection. There is also a tradition of hanging dried hyssop on the front door to keep negativity at bay.

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