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Nutrient complex designed to support formation of healthy tissue structure in hair, skin and nails.

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Brand: Doctor Wilson's

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A healthy appearance comes from deep inside where your skin, hair and nails are formed. Their formation requires a reliable supply of particular nutrients, readily available in the right amounts, proportions and forms. Hair, Skin and Nails Plus Formula™ provides the specific nutrients and other natural factors the body needs to build healthy skin, strong nails and beautiful hair that are often missing or deficient in the typical diet. In this physician designed formula, bioavailable forms of these nutrients are combined into a dynamic, balanced supplement that delivers them in the amounts and proportions your body can use optimally for creating healthy tissue structure in newly forming skin, hair and nails. Consistent use of Hair, Skin and Nails Plus Formula™ brings out a difference you can really see and feel within weeks.

Instead of attempting to cover up the flaws, try the approach that works at a deeper level. Take Hair, Skin and Nails Plus Formula™ consistently for a minimum of 3 months to give the newly nourished tissues time to emerge and visibly replace the old ones. Hair grows at the rate of about ½" to ¾" per month, so after a month the ½" to ¾" of new growth will be visible. Fingernails take at least 3 months to replace themselves. Skin cells multiply fast but the new layer of skin must work itself up from the bottom of the multilayered inner dermis to replace the surface epidermis. Then after 3 months compare the old with the newly emerging hair, skin and nails and see and feel the difference for yourself. If you are happy with the results, you can continue taking Hair, Skin and Nails Plus Formula™ for as long as you want to provide optimum nutritional support for the healthy nails, skin and hair.

  • Focused tissue building, maintenance and repair nutrients
  • Bioavailable mineral and vitamin forms for optimal absorption and utilization
  • Low toxicity Ferronyl® iron
  • Collagen-compatible proteins from gelatin
  • Antioxidant-rich formula for enhanced protection of cell structure
  • Optimum amounts of each ingredient for effective support
  • Synergistic balance enhances efficacy of individual ingredients
  • Noticeable difference in nails, hair and skin within weeks

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7/20/2011 12:00:00 am

This is a great product

by Healthy Beth -

This product has helped in making my skin healthier.

Not medical or professional advice

1/23/2012 11:00:00 pm

No more splitting nails

by momonthego -

I take this supplement daily in the morning. I was experiencing thinning lack luster hair and peeling fingernails. I noticed a difference after 2 months on the product. I'm a believer!

Not medical or professional advice

2/25/2012 11:00:00 pm

Great Results !

by Lori -

I was experiencing hair loss due to menopause. I have always had healthy hair and found that it lost it's body, shine and volume. It was coming out in clumps and becoming thin. I contacted PS and they recommended Dr Wilsons. I take it as directed and after 6 weeks even my hair stylist was asking what I was doing differently. I have been recommending it ever since not only to friends but to my business customers and associates. A GREAT product with awesome results. I highly recommend this product !

Not medical or professional advice

8/17/2015 12:00:00 am

Love this product

by Photogirl -

I've been using this supplement for about one year now and my skin, hair and nails have never looked better.

Not medical or professional advice

9/12/2015 12:00:00 am

Not sure it works but giving it more time . . .

by SandyCat -

I'm a 58 year old healthy caucasian female. A friend whose hair is thinning, as is mine, gave me a bottle of this product, as recommended by her doctor. The doc said, ""Give it 4 to 6 months - I think you'll be surprised at the results."" I'm on my fourth month, and not sure yet that it's working. I'm willing to give it several more months. It contains vitamins that are good for me, even if my hair doesn't thicken up or regrow. Professional Supplement Center gives excellent customer service - my order always arrives well-packaged and super-fast. They gave me a present on my first order. How nice! I will continue to order from them, and highly recommend them as a reputable, reliable company from which to order. Keep up the great work! Thanks a bunch!

Not medical or professional advice