Essence Chamber Saw Palmetto

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Saw Palmeto Herbal Supplement

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$33.90 to $77.90

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Product Code: essence-chamber-saw-palmetto-HLC-270-cpsls

Quantity per Container: 270 Capsules

The ingredients in Essence Chamber from Health Concerns are a combination of traditional Chinese and traditional Western herbals used to address prostate issues with urinary dysfunction.

  • Addresses benign prostatic hypertrophy with urinary dysfunction, retention and difficulty of urination, frequent urination, dribbling urination, distension and fullness of the lower hypogastrium
  • Chinese Effects: Clears damp heat from the lower burner; Circulates stagnant blood; Clears dampness and promotes urination; Tonifies kidney yang; Promotes the separation of the pure and the turbid in the lower burner; Clears the liver channel in the lower burner

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