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Organic Pre + Probiotic Elixir.
SKU: ecoprobiotic-ECN

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Brand: ecoNugenics

Product Code: ecoprobiotic-ECN

Servings per Container: 25

Quantity per Container: 17 Oz

ecoProbiotic from EcoNugenics is a USDA organic probiotic elixir with 8 clinically-studied strains of live beneficial bacteria, 19 digestive herbs, and pre-biotic nutrients in a highly bioavailable liquid form. Unlike other probiotics, this liquid probiotic supplement is physician-formulated to deliver essential support to balance your gut against unhealthy microbes, toxins, and other inflammatory impacts.

  • Supports Microbiome Balance: Live probiotics, prebiotic nutrients, organic digestive herbs and fermentation acids promote optimal microbiome health and diversity to promote long-term digestive health.
  • Promotes Healthy Digestive Function: Replenishes and renews your GI tract, neutralizes toxins, and balances your digestive system.
  • Fast-Acting Bacteria: As a liquid probiotic elixir, it is more potent and bioavailable, delivering faster digestive relief and support compared to capsule-based probiotics.
  • Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend Certified organic with live beneficial bacteria, prebiotic nutrients and 19 potent digestive botanicals, fermented in powerful liquid delivery system, for optimal microbiome and gut support.
  • Gut and Brain Support contains active probiotic strains to support optimal gut health, with additional benefits for brain, mood and neurological support.
  • Immune Support:combines eight diverse, clinically-studied strains of live lactic acid bacteria and prebiotic nutrients, fermented with organically-grown botanicals that provide additional benefits for digestive wellness and healthy immune function.
  • USDA Organic, Vegetarian, Dairy-free, Alcohol-free, Sugar-free, Non-GMO

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