Dr. Ohhira's Propolis Plus with Astaxanthin

by Essential Formulas
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Capsules 30

Maintains a healthy immune system response and a balanced cycle. Also mainatains healthy probiotic micr-ecolgy in the gut.

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Quantity per Container: 30 Capsules

Dr. Ohhira combined a superior Brazilian green propolis with astaxanthin and Omega-3 essential fatty acids in a blend that supports whole health, digestion, immune response, and healthy nervous system function.

Honeybees create propolis as a flavonoid-rich substance to coat and seal the interior of their hives. Derived from plant and tree resins, propolis protects the hive from invasion of bad bacteria, mold, and more. Humans can benefit from propolis by consuming it as a dietary supplement.

Dr. Ohhira combined Brazilian green propolis with probiotic support, flax oil, and astaxanthin to create an innovative whole health supplement. This innovative whole health formula targets immune system response and digestive support.

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