DCI Cell Recovery (D-Chiro Inositol) 500mg

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Natural Support for Glucose Regulation and Insulin Function

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Brand: Neurobiologix

Product Code: dci-cell-recovery-d-chiro-inositol-500mg-NBX

Servings per Container: 66

Quantity per Container: 66 Veg Capsules

DCI is a sugar alcohol complex that is naturally produced by the body. It is a member of the B vitamin family and plays an essential role in the pathways of mitochondria and energy in the cells to generate energy from sugar. When you eat food, sugar is extracted and absorbed into the blood. Insulin is released by the pancreas in response to the sugar, telling the cells in your body to either burn the sugar for energy or store it as fat for later. As sugar levels go down, so do insulin levels. DCI acts as a secondary messenger in the insulin signaling process and can help reduce insulin resistance.

Insulin helps regulate glucose levels in the body. In addition to inducing the intake of glucose by the cells, insulin plays a key role in maintaining a steady level of glucose in the blood by signaling to the liver and muscle tissue to store excess amounts as glycogen. When cells cannot appropriately absorb glucose, it builds up in the blood, leading to health complications. Due to genetic weaknesses, certain individuals are more susceptible to developing insulin resistance. D-Chiro Inositol and other natural nutrients that can help maintain appropriate cellular energy levels.

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