Dan Shen - Chinese Salvia

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Oz 3.53

Chinese Salvia

SKU: dan-shen-chinese-salvia-BEHS

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Brand: Bio Essence Health Science

Product Code: dan-shen-chinese-salvia-BEHS

Servings per Container: 100

Quantity per Container: 3.53 Oz

  • Activate blood and remove stasis
  • Cool blood and remove abscess
  • Relieve restlessness and induce tranquilization

This herb is good at activating blood and resolving stasis and unblocking meridians. It dispels stasis and promotes regeneration without damaging healthy qi. It is widely indicated for all kinds of diseases and syndromes caused by blood stasis accumulation and obstruction. This herb can purge by its bitter flavor and clear heat by its lightly cold nature. It moves stagnant blood, cool heat in the blood, resolve swelling and abscess and alleviate pain.

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