Coptis Purge Fire

by Health Concerns
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Capsules 90

Modified Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Herbal Supplement

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Brand: Health Concerns

Product Code: coptis-purge-fire-HLC

Servings per Container: 30

Quantity per Container: 90 Capsules

Coptis Purge Fire Modified Long Dan Xie Gan Wan from Health Concerns is an herbal supplement is intended to address intense, localized, excess swelling in individuals with strong constitutions. The formula is a combination of three traditional formulas: Coptis and Scute Combination, Rehmannia and Akebia Combination, and Gentiana Combination (Long Dan Xie Gan Tang).

  • Addresses intense, acute, localized swelling, skin eruptions such as hives, sore throat, strep throat, eye and ear issues, nasal and sinus issues, herpes simplex outbreaks, tooth abscess, oral ulcers, nasal problems, and mouth ulcers
  • Addresses chronic Liver Fire conditions, chronic skin eruptions (eczema), facial flushing, red eyes, migraine headaches, urinary tract issues
  • Addresses constipation associated with illnesses and high fevers
  • Useful support for hot flashes
  • Chinese Effects: Purges fire and toxins; Dries dampness

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8/10/2016 12:00:00 am

Menopausal women with hot flashes!

by Cs -

Naturopathic dr. Recommended to clear the heat inside & out. It worked GREAT! Also helped with sleep, irritability, mood because heat cleared I see also.