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Circulatory Support

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Brand: Genestra

Product Code: cir-gen-GEN

Servings per Container: 53

Quantity per Container: 0.5 Oz

Horse chestnut is a tree that is grown throughout the northern hemisphere. Its seeds, leaves, flowers and bark have been used in therapeutic capacities for centuries. Horse chestnut is used for poor circulation and other vascular conditions. Spanish chestnut is a European species that is native to the Mediterranean. The leaves, bark, twigs, nuts and flowers are all used for medicine. Spanish chestnut is believed to have an effect on the legs and blood circulation, in addition to other benefits. Service tree, or Sorbus domestica, grows in parts of Europe, Africa and Asia. Its parts have therapeutic properties related to vein problems, circulatory problems, phlebitis, and more.
  • A liquid formula
  • Contains horse chestnut, Spanish chestnut and service tree
  • A product of phytoembryotherapy
  • Vegan

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