Choline Citrate Liquid

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Increase energy and bile acid production; enhance liver detoxification

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Brand: Perque

Product Code: choline-citrate-liquid-PRQ

Servings per Container: 47

Quantity per Container: 7.86 Oz

If you've been looking for an all-natural boost for your natural energy levels, Perque's Choline Citrate may be the ideal supplement for you. Choline helps to energize and alkalize your cells, and citrate helps activate the choline, giving you a healthy boost in energy, as well as offering other great health benefits.

  • It supports optimal magnesium uptake, helping you avoid unpleasant symptoms of magnesium deficiency that may occur even with magnesium supplementation
  • Choline Citrate supports optimal energy levels, especially in people who are fatigued easily
  • It may help enhance your liver's natural detoxification processes, working to remove toxins and other waste products from your bloodstream
  • Choline plays a very important role in the healthy transmission of nerve impulses and also supports optimal memory function

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10/15/2018 12:00:00 am

Really boosts Mg uptake. Muscle knots GONE!


One of the most effective supplement I have taken. Taking Mg alone wasn't as effective, but when my family added Choline citrate, muscle spasm, calf muscle cramps, shoulder/back muscle knots, and eye/facial twitching went away or going away! So I decreased my Mg dose by half and supplement it with choline. Choline is definitely facilitating maximal use of the Mg I take! I have tried multiple expensive supplements before but never noticed any drastic or even moderate result. With Perque, I have experienced "health makeover" with their products I have tried so far (Liva, Mg with Choline citrate, Zinc lozenges). I can't wait to try products for digestive health. Perque's focus on absorption and clean ingredients is what's making their product stand out from the competitors'.

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9/3/2023 8:08 am


by Alicia -

Good product, no issues taking it.

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10/7/2023 11:27 am


by MB -

Fabulous stuff! Using it allows me to TAKE magnesium with absolutely no GI issues. It's a magical supplement!

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10/9/2023 10:35 am

Great Product recommended by Doctor

by Maryann -

This is a great product. My primary care doctor recommended it to help with fatty liver. It has really helped lower my lab values. Easy to take. Trusted brand.

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1/12/2024 1:38 am

Wonder product

by Fig -

I bought this originally to help with magnesium update but to my surprise I found that within an hour of taking it I get a surge of good energy. Im perimenopausal and it really seems to help with fatigue.

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2/20/2024 9:06 pm

Love this!

by Abigail -

A great supplement to my morning regimen 💕

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