Carnitine Tartrate

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700 mg L-Carnitine

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Brand: Designs For Health

Product Code: carnitine-tartrate-DFH

Servings per Container: 100

Quantity per Container: 3.5 Oz

Carnitine Tartrate Powder by Designs for Health is an easily mixed, readily absorbed l-carnitine. 700 mg/serving for energy, metabolism & muscle function.

Carnitine is often thought of as a sports nutrition supplement, and it is - it can speed muscle recovery and promote improved muscle function, energy and endurance- but if you could simply use an energy and metabolism boost without stimulants, this amino acid may help you too.

Carnitine Tartrate Powder by Designs for Health is a tart-tasting amino-acid supplement that mixes easily with liquids for convenient energy, performance, cardiovascular & weight management support.

Carnitine helps your body convert fatty-acids into energy in the mitochondria. Essentially this means it "burns fat", which can both boost muscle performance and reduce fatigue, and support healthy blood glucose and blood lipid levels. Carnitine's antioxidant properties may also help protect the cells and tissues from every-day or exercise-induced free-radical damages.

This pleasantly tart-tasting carnitine powder may also offer the following benefits:

  • May improve fatty-acid metabolism
  • May promote mitochondrial energy production
  • May help maintain healthy blood lipid levels
  • May promote healthy blood glucose & insulin metabolism
  • May offer cardiovascular support
  • May reduce oxidative stress
  • May improve post-exercise/exertion muscle recovery
  • May support normal, healthy muscle function
  • May help support sports performance
  • May help reduce fatigue


  • Mixes easily
  • Great for those who need higher doses of carnitine
  • Rapidly absorbed
  • Contains NO gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs

This powdered carnitine supplement makes a convenient, tart drink to help optimize energy levels, fat metabolism and muscle health before or after a workout, dance session or long day of work.

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11/14/2013 11:00:00 pm

An essential must!

by Ann Shortstuff -

I add this to a bottle of water first thing each morning and it boosts my metabolism to help me control my weight.