Cal-Mag Citrate Effervescent Powder

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An easy-to-consume calcium and magnesium supplement in an optimally absorbed form

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Brand: Thorne Research

Product Code: cal-mag-citrate-effervescent-powder-THR

Servings per Container: 40

Quantity per Container: 7.5 Oz

Cal-Mag Citrate Effervescent Powder helps maintain normal bone and muscle health. It also provides vitamin C. It effervesces when mixed with water, creating optimally absorbed minerals.

Thorne's Cal-Mag Citrate Effervescent Powder is NSF Certified for Sport®. It's a convenient way to help maintain normal bone and muscle health. In addition to playing an essential role in maintaining normal bone density, magnesium is essential for normal cardiac rhythmicity, normal pulmonary function, and healthy blood glucose regulation. The addition of vitamin C enhances immune function and connective tissue support. Per scoop, Cal-Mag Citrate Effervescent Powder provides 500 mg each of calcium and vitamin C, and 200 mg of magnesium. The effervescence created by adding the powder to water enhances the absorption of the citrate-mineral chelates.

Magnesium is present in all cells of the body and is involved in up to 600 enzymatic processes. Other body functions that require magnesium include nerve conduction, methyl-group transfer, conversion of pyridoxine to pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (the active form of vitamin B6), energy production, and muscle contraction.

The ratio of calcium and magnesium in Cal-Mag Citrate Effervescent Powder is especially desirable for individuals who need a higher amount of calcium but who, because of magnesium's laxative-like characteristic, cannot tolerate an equal amount of magnesium. One scoop of Cal-Mag Citrate Effervescent Powder also provides 500 mg of vitamin C.

Because an athlete needs to know that his or her supplements are trustworthy and compliant, every batch of an NSF Certified for Sport® product is tested for compliance with label claims and to ensure the absence of more than 200 substances banned by many major athletic organizations, including stimulants, narcotics, steroids, diuretics, beta-2 agents, and masking agents.

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8/24/2011 12:00:00 am

I highly recommend this product!

by Shan -

I use this product every night before bed. I don't have any complaints about this product. I feel better taking it and I don't like to run out.

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4/4/2012 12:00:00 am

Very Satisfied Cusomer

by Shan -

My Dr. recommended this product to me and I have been taking it daily for a long time now. It is one of my suppliments I don't like to run out of.I would definatly recommend this product.

Not medical or professional advice

4/4/2013 12:00:00 am

Great form of calcium magnesium!

by Mary -

This is a great product to take before bed. Easily dissolves in water and no added sugar, just a healthy way to take calcium/magnesium!

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10/28/2013 12:00:00 am

Coulldn't Do Without It

by FotoFoxGrl

I use Cal-Mag Citrate Effervescent Powder at work and at home.

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4/11/2014 12:00:00 am

Cal-Mag Citrate

by Lyd

I prefer the powder way of ingesting vitamins and minerals. Pills do not seem to do any good for me. Cal-Mag Citrate Effervescent Powder dissolves easily and the flavor is not bad.

Not medical or professional advice

4/3/2018 12:00:00 am

Easy to take!

by Mary

Great formula! A quick, fizzy drink eliminates pills.

Not medical or professional advice

4/30/2020 12:00:00 am

Excellent product!

by Kathleen -

Can't say enough good things about this powdered calcium. It stops nighttime leg-cramps in their tracks. Usually one dosage of a teaspoonful of the powder dissolved in water is all that's needed. Occasionally--in severe circustances--a second dosage an hour after the first will be required; but that need seldom occurs. Usually one dosage at time of cramping will turn Charley Horse completely away. Excellent product!! Always have experienced prompt, courteous service from Professional Supplement Center.

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