VIOBIN USA, a leader in the manufacture of nutritional extracts and defatted wheat germ for over 75 years, was founded in 1936 by Mr. Ezra Levin whose strong commitment to nutrition, quality, and good health led VIOBIN Corporation into the manufacture of drugs, health food products, and nutritional supplements. Mr. Levin was truly a man ahead of his time; he developed a cholesterol-free defatted egg powder long before the modern day excitement over cholesterol. Also in the 1950's he pioneered methods for production of fish protein concentrate in an effort to fulfill his vision of feeding impoverished peoples all over the world. The next several decades molded VIOBIN into their present day role as the leading manufacturer in the United States of Wheat Germ Oil and Defatted Wheat Germ.

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Prometol Octacosanol 1500 Mcg

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