Happy Bodies

Founded in 2005, Happy Bodies® continues to be your trusted source for Happy Bodies® brand dietary supplements.

Like many businesses in the alternative healthcare space, Happy Bodies® grew out of a personal health crisis that triggered a long and exhausting search for a path to wellness. A number of years ago while in her early 30s, Happy Bodies'® founder experienced a rapid decline in health and struggled to find answers through traditional medical channels. Her body was failing her, her quality of life had eroded and her outlook on life was so bleak that she worried about merely staying alive. She ultimately learned that her body was poisoned with mercury. In her desperation, the Happy Bodies® founder followed every recommendation in a book by Dr. Sherry Rogers, now an environmental medicine expert. A decade later, she is not only alive, but thriving – she is a vibrant woman, a successful entrepreneur, a dedicated mother and a respected advocate for natural detoxification and proper nutrition.

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