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Canada RNA Biochemical Boluoke is a dietary supplement in capsule form of lumbrokinase from a proprietary earthworm protein extract for circulatory health support. It is a dietary supplement that contains an enzyme extract known as lumbrokinase that has been used for centuries in ancient and traditional medicine. Modern research suggests it may support cardiovascular health, normal clotting factors, and circulatory functions in the brain, heart, and cells of the body.

Boluoke is an extensively researched fibrinolytic supplement made with lumbrokinase, an enzyme extracted from earthworms. Cultures across China, Japan, and the Far East have been using earthworm extracts for centuries to treat various health conditions. Today, research suggests that this extract may help to support healthy cardiovascular function. (1)

How Lumbrokinase Supports Circulation

The unique enzymes in this product come from an equally unique source - earthworms. Used for centuries in traditional medicine systems of the Far East, earthworms can be used for more than baiting a hook or giving the early bird a good breakfast. Earthworms contain lumbrokinase, an enzyme that affects fibrin, a compound in blood involved in coagulation.

This enzyme may support healthy circulation and normal characteristics of the blood, making it beneficial in maintaining already normal heart health.

  • Clinical trials have shown that the extract lumbrokinase exhibits fibrinolysis, which is important for breaking down fibrin. In the body, fibrin is responsible for forming a mesh-like structure that helps close wounds and stops bleeding following damage to bodily tissue, like the skin and organs.
  • However, excessive accumulation of fibrin can result from repeated damage to the same area, inflammation, or even genetics. Some research has found that people with joint disease may have excessive fibrin buildup that worsens their condition.
  • Within the body, thrombolytic agents are meant to help breakdown clotting factors. But due to various conditions, the normal clotting and breakdown process is sometimes irregular or insufficient. Research suggests that lumbrokinase may be a supportive aid in this process.
  • Lumbrokinase is currently being studied for how it may work to dissolve fibrin without interfering with normal blood clots or causing excessive bleeding when compared to some competing therapies, anti-coagulants, blood thinning agents, and antithrombotic drugs.

Why Choose Boluoke from Canada RNA Biochemical?

ue to its potential to exert fibrinolysis and the normal breakdown of fibrin, Boluoke may be one potential medicinal aid to consider for support of healthy blood coagulation and circulation. Some competing formulas advertise their lumbrokinase products as containing nattokinase or earthworm protein extracts that have not been standardized. These formulas may contain low enzymatic potency or interfere with clotting factors, and some practitioners may suggest they be avoided. Canada RNA Biochemical Boluoke is standardized to an enzymatic strength of 20 mg of proprietary earthworm protein to provide confidence and feelings of optimal health and wellness.

Boluoke Benefits:

  • Contains a proprietary earthworm protein extract
  • Lumbrokinase may support the breakdown of fibrin
  • May support healthy blood viscosity and in the brain, heart, and cells
  • Seeks to support conditions associated with clotting factors
  • May help to maintain normal fibrinogen levels in a balanced state
  • Contains only lumbrokinase standardized to 20 mg
  • Gluten-free

Boluoke Side Effects and Warnings

  • Consult with your primary health care provider before taking Boluoke. If you have surgery coming up, stop taking Boluoke at least 1 week before surgery and for at least 15 days after if your health care practitioner deems it appropriate.
  • Boluoke is not known to significantly affect PT and aPTT blood tests, unless on a prescription that may interact with Boluoke. If you have a bleeding disorder, any chronic conditions related to bleeding, or other health concerns, avoid Boluoke.

Canada RNA Biochemical Boluokecomes in a capsule form that is easy for adults of all ages to swallow on an empty stomach. One or two capsules three times every day may be able to help keep you on the all-natural pathway of healthy circulation and a sense of wellness.

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7/31/2015 0:00:00

Has always worked for me

by Katy

I have been using the Boluoke for over 6 years now...I'm 85 and I can really feel an improvement when using it. Also a good way for me to know it's working is when I run out of it! I can always tell the difference!

Not medical or professional advice

12/11/2023 6:09 am

Helped with a serious problem

by David

I have poor circulation in my legs and recently one of my legs swelled up a lot . It didn't go down after a week of fish oil and beet suppliments . This with Nattokinase twice a day returned my leg to almost normal in 3 days and it's still improving . Now i know for sure this works .

Not medical or professional advice