Bee Pollen Granules Low Moisture

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Nature's Most Balanced Food - Pure, Wholesome, Low Moisture
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Brand: YS Organic Bee Farms

Product Code: bee-pollen-granules-low-moisture-YSO

Servings per Container: 56

Quantity per Container: 10 Oz

Bee Pollen Whole Granules are packed with the naturally occurring vitamins, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, enzymes and coenzymes. Bee pollen also contains naturally-chelated minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

It's no wonder a host of natural health experts call it "Nature's most balanced food."

If you're new to bee pollen, it's highly suggested you start by taking a few granules to see how your body responds. Then you can gradually work your way up to as much as a couple teaspoons per day if needed.

The potential benefits of bee pollen are quite diverse. It may be able to help with health concerns including hay fever, menstrual problems, joint pain, digestive issues and more. You may find that this supplement provides you with additional energy and stamina.

Get Bee Pollen from Y.S. Organic Bee Farms and give your body some nutrition straight from Mother Nature.

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