Attentivite AM/PM Concentration & Focus

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24 Hour System for Concentration and Focus
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Brand: Akeso

Product Code: attentivite-am-pm-concentration-focus-AKS

Servings per Container: 30

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Akeso Attentivite AM/PM are two advanced formulas that work together for improved focus, mental clarity, deep restorative sleep and alertness. It's a great option for both growing and adult brains!

  • Two formulas for 24-hours of effective focus, mental alertness, and calming support.
  • Supports healthy cognitive function for increased learning and productivity
  • Effective, clinically researched, natural focus boosters in optimum amounts
  • Contains micronutrients shown to improve sleep without adversely impacting mood or occasional anxiety levels
  • Manufactured in an established GMP facility; third party quality testing
  • Gluten-free and vegan
  • GMP Certified

Any person, young or old, who has difficulty sustaining focus, staying on task, and maintaining mental alertness are not acting out of defiance or a lack of comprehension, but face neurobiological challenges that need managing.

If the inability to focus, be settled, and feel mentally alert during the day interferes with your child's ability to excel and fit in at school OR impacts your daily life and work performance, we encourage you to try Attentivite AM/PM!

The brain is a human marvel and, as one would expect, nature provides nutrients to support our healthy brain functions. Akeso Health Sciences is all about the understanding and proper combination of those special nutrients.

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