Amylase Formula 3

by Ness Enzymes
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Veg Capsules 90

Helps optimize the digestion of starch, minimizing carbohydrate intolerance when taken with a meal or helps promote systemic balance when taken between meals.

SKU: amylase-formula-3-NEZ-90-vg-cpsls

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Product Code: amylase-formula-3-NEZ-90-vg-cpsls

Quantity per Container: 90 Veg Capsules

NESS™ Amylase (formula 3) is one of three NESS single-ingredient products and contains high levels of amylase to help digest starches and complex carbohydrates. Combined with Starch Digest (formula 2), Amylase (formula 3) is even more effective for those who eat a high-starch diet or have difficulty digesting starches. Amylase (formula 3) also can be used with any NESS™ product containing multiple enzymes when more amylase is necessary.

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11/16/2011 11:00:00 pm

This product eases that bloated feeling!

by Dizzy Dean -

I use this between meals to aid in digestion.

2/22/2011 11:00:00 pm

Great product

by Babs -

Great for Sore Throats & Swollen Glands. I take about 9-12/day (3 three or 4 times a day) and it knocks out sore throat/swollen glands in 1-2 days.