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Homeopathic remedy provides relief from the symptoms of sinus or upper respiratory infections, colds and allergies including: runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and congestion.†

  • •Sneezing, runny nose, congestion
  • •Watery or runny eyes
  • •When they breathe, you can hear it
  • •Runny nose and eyes
  • •Sinus infection
  • •Cat or dog flu
  • •Allergies
  • •Colds

Suggested Usage


  • Under 20 lbs/10 kg, 5 drops
  • 21-60 lbs/ 10-30 kg, 10 drops
  • 61-100 lbs/ 30-45 kg, 15 drops
  • over 100 lbs/45 kg, 20 drops
  • Pets Under 1 lb: 2 drops in the drinking water 3 times daily.
  • In acute cases, the doses can be given every 15 minutes, up to 4 doses.
  • For cases that are not acute, one dose 3 times daily; this is often best started 5-7 days before any situation causing anxious behavior, e.g. before kenneling.
  • Once a response is seen, administration should be reduced to 2 times daily and eventually once daily.
  • When symptoms clear up, discontinue use.
  • If reduction causes symptoms to worsen, original dosing may be continued a little longer before reducing.
  • If a remedy is working well and dosing is not reduced, an aggravation of symptoms from overuse may occur.
  • Stopping the remedy for 3 days will reverse the symptoms, and then treatment can begin as if using for the first time, weaning down as mentioned above.


  • Such as rabbits, ferrets, hamsters and pot bellied pigs can be dosed by weight as for cats and dogs in previous section.

For severe cases a drop can be diluted in 1 ml of water or other oral rehydration fluid and given to the patient orally, taking care to avoid aspiration of the fluid into the respiratory tract by the patient. 3 doses whose volume is appropriate to the size of the patient should be given from the diluted product over a 24 hour period, e.g. 2 drops for a mouse or small budgie, 4 drops for a large guinea pig. For acute cases it can be repeated as for cats and dogs in previous dosing section.


  • Optimally, the liquid preparation should be dropped directly into the mucous membrane of the mouth including lips; ideally in dogs by pulling out the labial pouch, and in cats by raising the head until the mouth opens. Where an animal finds this distressful, or an owner is unable to comply, the medication can be put in the food, water or milk. Where animals are sensitive to the odor of the alcohol preservative, a 10-20 minute period should be allowed for dilution and evaporation before the liquid or food is presented to the patient. Occasionally, animals will shake their heads as a response to the alcohol preservative; cats may salivate excessively and in these cases, presenting it in food, water or milk works. It can also be added to a sprayer and misted in the air around severely affected patients to calm them down, or dropped around bedding area 3-5 times daily.


  • For animal use only.
  • Contact veterinarian if problems persist.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Additional Information

Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and away from strong odors.

  • Safe
  • •Free of all chemicals
  • •Safe for kittens, puppies, pregnant and nursing animals.
  • •Clinically used on dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets and pot bellied pigs.
  • •Manufactured under FDA registered process
  • •All research programs conducted since 1991 have shown no adverse events reported. During registered period no adverse event reports
  • Gentle
  • •No known side effects
  • •12 years of researching the purest ingredients from all over the world
  • •Only the purest, naturally grown raw materials are used
  • •Formulated in a 100% natural solution that is easy to administer
  • Alternative
  • •Scientifically formulated to harness nature’s natural healing power
  • •Repeatable and reproducible results
  • •Unparalleled safety
  • •Over a decade of research and development
  • •Meets and exceeds all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards
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