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Promotes Healthy Intestinal Microflora and Balanced Gastrointestinal pH

The synergistic formula works by cleansing the lining of the small intestine where nutrient absorption occurs, by introducing healthy intestinal microflora, and by supporting balanced pH levels in the gastrointestinal tract.

Abzorb has three distinct mechanisms that help create and maintain optimal nutrient absorption:

  • Abzorb cleanses the lining of the small intestine where nutrient absorption occurs. Hair-like fibers (called microvilli) on the wall of the small intestine are responsible for trapping nutrients for absorption through the intestinal wall and in to the blood stream. Over time, due to poor diet and other environmental factors, these fibers become covered with a sludge that may include yeast, bile, food debris, and parasites. Abzorb works to cleanse the lining of the small intestine of these absorption hindrances and avoid future accumulation.
  • Abzorb introduces healthy probiotics that work to reduce and inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in the small intestine. An overgrowth of bad bacteria in the small intestine can be caused by illness, poor diet (high in sugar, refined carbs, or alcohol), certain medications, and antacids. Symptoms of bad bacteria overgrowth include gas, bloating, diarrhea, cramps, food intolerances, vitamin deficiency, and fat malabsorption. Bad bacteria overgrowth hinders proper nutrient absorption by metabolizing nutrients before they can be absorbed and by causing inflammation in the intestine. Abzorb will help to balance the good and bad microflora in the gut.
  • Abzorb helps to maintain a healthy acid/alkaline balance in the gastrointestinal tract. Too much acidity in the body hinders the ability of our own digestive enzymes to process nutrients for absorption. Symptoms include indigestion, weight gain, poor metabolism, candida, fatigue, mineral deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances. Increased acidity can be caused by poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, mineral deficiencies, and environmental pollution. The probiotics and ozonated magnesium oxides work to bring pH levels in to balance for improved digestive function and to further increase nutrient absorption.

When choosing dietary supplements, many healthcare providers will recommend avoiding unnecessary excipients, fillers, and binders. Abzorb also avoids many ingredients that cause food intolerance or sensitivity.

Suggested Usage

Adults take 2 capsules once daily with water, preferably on an empty stomach.


  • Serving Size: 2 Capsules
  • Amount Per Serving:
  • Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 400 IU 100%
  • Elemental Magnesium 110 mg 27%
  • -(from 200 mg of Ozonated Magnesium Oxides)
  • Prebiotic & Probiotic Blend 522 mg
  • -Inulin (from Chicory Root)
  • -Bifidobacterium bifidum (2 billion CFU)
  • -Lactobacillus acidophilus (2 billion CFU)
  • -Streptococcus thermophilus (2 billion CFU)
  • -Lactobacillus plantarum (2 billion CFU)
  • -Lactobacillus casei (2 billion CFU)
  • Enzyme Blend 278 mg
  • -Protease (50,000 HUT)
  • -Amylase (10,000 DU)
  • -Cellulase (10,000 CU)
  • -Hemicellulase (10,000 HCU)
  • -Lipase (1,000 FIP)

Other Ingredients: Cellulose (Vegetable Capsules), Rice Extract.

Non-GMO. No: Phthalates, Dairy, Wheat, Yeast, Gluten, Soy, Fish, Talc, Artificial Colors or Flavors.


If you are pregnant, nursing, trying to conceive, taking any medications, or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.

Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information

Store in a cool, dry place with lid tightly closed.

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